Head Distiller / Founder

When things were slow in the patch in 2015/16, Shawn started looking for hobbies. He woke up one day with an urge to make wine. An uncle of his had been making wine for many years and was excited to show him his techniques and hand down some equipment. Shawn quickly mastered many different home made wines and when he started making port he wanted to make his own brandy to fortify them. This led to distilling and he was hooked. Shawn approached Pat who had also been home brewing and they purchased a still together and quickly realized that they loved what they were doing and wanted to do it everyday.  The idea of Broken Oak was born and they set off on a journey to build the company. After many long nights playing in the garage, and a year and a half in the making, their hard work and determination have finally paid off. 

Head Distiller / Founder

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