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About Broken Oak



Head Distiller / Founder

During a downturn in the oil industry, Shawn didn't succumb to passivity; instead, he immersed himself in the world of hobby winemaking, a pursuit that sparked his fascination with fermentation. This foray into winemaking became more than a pastime; it ignited a passion for the intricate dance of art and science involved in fermentation, setting the stage for his venture into distillation.

Shawn's journey from the oil and gas industry to opening his distillery  isn’t just a career change; it's a testament to resilience, adaptability, and passion.  At Broken Oak Distilling, Shawn applies a meticulous blend of traditional and innovative techniques to produce spirits that stand apart from mass-produced options, embodying his commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and sustainability.

Juggling his professional endeavors alongside his roles as a husband and father, Shawn embodies a well-rounded approach to success. His life showcases a harmonious blend of personal interests such as hunting, fishing, and golf, inviting a profound examination of his craft and the influence of his work on the community and environment.


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Our Vision:
We craft smooth character for the spirit enthusiast 
Our Mission:
We are committed to crafting distinct, high-quality products that position us as industry leaders, while bringing joy and satisfaction to millions.
Our Core Values:
Quality- We prioritize excellence in everything we do, ensuring the highest standards in our products
Accountable- We take ownership of actions, decisions, and outcomes
Transparent- We prioritize openness and clarity with consumers and team members
Determined- We tackle challenges head-on, persisting until we achieve our goals 
Growth- We embrace continuous learning and improvement, both individually and as an organization
Teamwork- We achieve more by collaborating, combining our strengths and ideas to reach common goals
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